This space is dedicated to offering the potent medicines of Kundalini & KunYin Yogas, Sacred Sound & embodied experiences that offer balm to the body-mind.

It is crafted as a medicine bowl– a container- for the profound yogic practices that offer us a pathway to healing. KunYin Medicine is the offering of teacher- Holly Cole: it is the refined vision of eight years of teaching yoga, yogic philosophy & meditation.


Saturday 23rd May 5-7pm HENLEY New Moon Gong Immersion




Holly is in the process of relocating! When she has settled, new classes will come on stream. Please do check in. If you want to sign up to my mailing list, please simple click on:

Tell me about KunYin Medicine

KunYin Medicine is rooted in a fusion of two energy streams- Kundalini and Yin energies.

Kundalini offers us the sword-like metallic energy of clarity, purity, strength; the eternal blue sky that overarches the unfolding of time & space. The warrior-sage archetype. The symbol of the sword that cuts through ignorance.
Yin is the energy of earthing, grounding, rooting, being-ness
; the gentle earth that binds & twines & invites us to be at home in our skin, with our breath, in our bodies- accepting of Selves, regardless of our ‘achievements’ in this game of life. The archetype of the Great Mother. For me, the symbol of the bowl- the receptacle.

These polarities dance and entwine to create a ‘medicine’ that offers us a real way forward in these turbulent times. Interestingly, the word ‘Kun’ also refers, in Arabic, to the manifesting power of Divine Energy. So, words of power that can inspire real & lasting change- the way true medicine does. Come & sample the medicine for yourself: it has provided me with profound healing over the years. IT WORKS. 

About Your Teacher, Holly Cole

KunYin Medicine is my passion. I am an educator, student, yogi in the making, philosopher, writer and pilgrim of sorts. I am driven by the fire of knowing that each one of us is capable of so much more creativity: we have vast potential, if only we can tap it, trust it and believe in it.

I have worked in education for the past 13 years, teaching both adults & children in a variety of contexts- from school teaching, art therapy to yogic education. I believe that we are here to come to know ourselves; to explore our light and darkness, to fall in  love with our uniqueness & to honour the gifts that we carry. This is the path of individuation.

Yoga offers a road-map for that journey of self-knowledge. It gifts us with practical tools for managing & harnessing our energy; techniques to deal with crises; practices to help us bloom into our truest expression of Selfhood. It offers us an holistic life-path, should it choose us.

The yoga form that I work with primarily is Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I have begun to fuse Yin Yoga into my Kundalini practices- an experiment that has flowered as KunYin Yoga.