Private Yoga Classes


Yoga in quieter spaces

What can I offer you?

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan practices- including breathwork techniques, kriyas (posture sequences), meditations

KunYin Yoga Practices: deep, release postures that stress the joints & ligaments (in a good way) and invite you into deeper communion with your body and the peace that resides inside you

Relaxation Techniques such as:

  • learning to breathe properly
  • using the hypnotic rhythm of mantra to stabilise the nervous system
  • experiencing yoga nidra– guided relaxations using voice and/ or sound tools
  • sound bathing– immersing you in the vibrations of the gong, quartz bowls, drum

InScribing Sessions: guiding you in the art of inner-writing. Writing can be a powerful medicine to unlock your creativity and shut off the inner critic. Whilst not traditionally associated with ‘yoga’- the process of coming to know yourself is deeply yogic.

Public classes are wonderful. Places to connect, explore, share and take your space amongst the gathered group. To feel the lightness of being in communion with the tribe.

But often we want to be present in a quieter, private way: to be guided individually- or as a smaller group- where our practice can be personalised. And where the deeper yoga happens; of being seen and heard- and witnessed.

A teacher functions as a guide through the landscape of the practice; but beyond that, the teacher acts as a mirror to your process. And a container for the energetic process that yogic practices ignite.

As a teacher, my intention is to respond to your needs as best I can by aligning you with yogic tools, breathwork, sacred sound, meditation, and sequences that will best serve you. My role is to hold space and empower you to help yourself. To help you self-initiate. To show you the path. But only you can walk it!